About Us

Wild Apparel was born out of a desire to deepen our environmental mission through Wild Education and to have a simple way for people to enter the 'sustainability realm'. Our mission through Wild has always been to educate and empower people about the environment and to be an advocate for our earth. 
Wild Apparel was founded in August of 2020, however, we have been running our small conservation business, Wild Education over the last 5 years. Everything we do with Wild Apparel has the environment as a top priority! We are learning everyday in this new space and will continue to adjust and evolve our practises as we grow. 
Read more about what eco-friendly measures we've taken over on Our Impact page.
I want to thank each individual for supporting Wild, whether that be over the last 5 years, or this is your first time interacting with us. I appreciate you!
For The Wild.
With love,
Roxy Rogan
Founder of Wild Apparel & Wild Education